Issue #17 - 14th November 2009

Shalom friend,

I must admit that I've been neglecting this website lately, it had dropped quite low in my list of priorities - just below helping to tidy my office. The fact is that traffic had been low and feedback negligible - but then I get this phone call from the USA and, it seems that "Our colonial cousins" love us! It's those delightful english accents, apparently - hopefully it's also something to do with the style and content as well!

So I made a special effort and have uploaded a new programme to

The Healing Business

Healing special (NOVEMBER 2009)

(42 minutes)
Another healing ministry hits town with all the usual baggage. We help to unpack this baggage and rummage through the dirty washing, followed by a wider chat on miracle healings and what is God up to here?

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Roots, Schmoots!

Jewish Roots Special (OCTOBER 2009)


In this wide ranging chat our team, a mish-mash of Jews and Gentiles, consider what happens when a Jew discovers Jesus and when a Gentile discovers the Jewish roots of their faith.

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Issue #16 - 21st October 2009

Yes, it's been a long time! Well, the boys (and girls) are back in town!

Our summer break was longer than expected but we have started to meet up again and have a nice selection of new material to post over the next few weeks. The first one, live now at, is an interesting one.

Issue #15 - 21st May 2009

Welcome friend,

How the Church lost The Way ...

How The Church special (MAY 2009)

(34 minutes)
Starting with a short review from Chris, the team quiz Steve about the book they are all talking about! Find out what effect Greek thinking has had on the Church and how it needs to return to its true Hebrew roots in order to move forwards.

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In early May, Steve was interviewed about the book by John Pantry for his live breakfast phone-in show on Premier Radio. We have the full interview here.

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Why do some people just NOT get it?

Barriers to Faith special (MAY 2009)

(27 minutes)
What does humanism offer? What about Dawkins and the God particle? Why do some folks need hard facts before they believe? Can God be proved? A mixed bag of testimonies and meanderings to make you think.

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If we may be so bold ... ?

Fundraising special (MAY 2009)

(18 minutes)
We have now been broadcasting for over a year and have not asked for a single bean from our regular listeners. Yes, the credit crunch is squeezing pockets, but you should use this season to pray and decide where God wants you to allocate your financial support. Please take 18 minutes of your time just to hear what we have to say (though all the meaty stuff is in the first 5 minutes, if you’re in a rush).

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Book Launch and Saffron Planet live!

TREE OF LIFE MESSIANIC CENTRE warmly invites you to join us on

SATURDAY MAY 16th: 10am – 3pm for a varied and stimulating interactive teaching day

• Live session with award winning Web Radio station, Saffron Planet. Ask questions, join the panel, and discuss a variety of topics in the unique ‘Saffron’ way.
• Book launch of “How the Church lost The Way ....... and how it can find it again” by STEVE MALTZ (get your signed copy!)
• Challenging talks by Steve Maltz and guest Bible teacher CHRIS HILL

You are welcome to join us for all or part of the day.


Prophecy from David Wilkerson (author of the Cross and the Switchblade, pastor of Times Square Church, New York)

I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message to all on our mailing list, and to friends and to bishops we have met all over the world.



The Saffron Planet Show - Episode Ten

Saffron Planet Show // March

In this tenth episode of the Saffron Planet Show, we continue an earlier discussion on finding God, we look at the future of the USA and UK and ponder deeply on the crazy world of Reality TV.

Release date: 14th March 2009 // 28 minutes

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Issue #5 – 12th March 2009

Welcome friend,

So, did you listen to our latest chat, “Does God really love the World”? Provocative title and a provocative broadcast. It may have seemed open-ended, but we feel that is a good thing. After all, who are we to proclaim “Thus sayeth the Lord” and imply that the matter is resolved. Matters are never fully resolved and we know that the broadcast has sent many of you (and us) deeper into the Word, which can’t be a bad thing. We will be continuing our look at this subject in our next session later this month. We’ll keep you posted!

Does God really love the World?

God's love Special ** NEW ** (MARCH 2009)

(40 minutes)

"God is love", we say, but what exactly is this love and is it freely given to everyone? What is your view of God? Is He capable of hate? In this revealing and thought-provoking discussion we explore areas rarely visited ...

Do you agree with what you have heard? Does it make you angry? Why not post a comment below and create a discussion?
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Issue #4 – 5th March 2009

Welcome friend,

Thanks to the half dozen or so folk who contacted us last week I don’t feel quite so alone, but would love to keep hearing from you all. Did you listen to our Apostate Church recording and, if so, what did you think? Did you spot the bombshell statement? It was to do with the love of God and, in the tea break after the session, my darling wife Monica challenged Chris Hill on this and the result can be heard this weekend!

Starting next week will be daily devotionals. They are by Chris Hill and are truly bite-sized, none longer than 5 minutes. The first 24 of them are on the Sermon on the Mount and they are absolutely spiffing, so visit us every day and be blessed.

Jade Goody - tragedy or circus?

Jade Goody Special ** NEW ** (FEBRUARY 2009)

(37 minutes)

Reality TV star Jade Goody is dying and we are all witnessing the process. Are we Christians being sucked into the media circus or do we need to engage more with this story?
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