How the Church lost The Way ...

How The Church special (MAY 2009)

(34 minutes)
Starting with a short review from Chris, the team quiz Steve about the book they are all talking about! Find out what effect Greek thinking has had on the Church and how it needs to return to its true Hebrew roots in order to move forwards.

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In early May, Steve was interviewed about the book by John Pantry for his live breakfast phone-in show on Premier Radio. We have the full interview here.

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Comments :

Back to "Hebrew" roots?

That we need to get back to the pureness of the teachings of Jesus Christ is true. But not back to "Hebrew" roots, i.e. customs and traditions and teachings of men, based on the old covenant. I discovered the truth about Greek Philosophy in Christian Theology many years ago and left the Churhes due to it. But I also saw people going the wrong way on the other side and thinking they had to become "hebrews".

The Jews at the time of Christ, had also adopted Greek philosophy and given it "Hebrew" names. It was what Paul was taught in the schools he attended. And it is also what led them to corrupt the scriptures. As Gentiles we have no "hebrew" roots, and Jesus himself was only "half" Hebrew or Jewish, the other half being the "new man".

Hebrew roots

An interesting comment, but one which I would have to ask some qusetions about. How did you discover the truth about greek philosophy in christianity and could you give me some examples? What truth that you discovered so inspired you to abandon the command of scripture not to neglect meeting together Heb Ch10 24-25, and yes I do know how difficult it is to find a church that isn't blatantly heretical.
Paul used Midrash to teach as did John, Jesus etc. It is hebraic hermeneutics, not greek philosophy. It is thanks to what are termed the "The church fathers" redefining christianity in Platonic and Aristotelian philosophic thinking that we have lost so much of the depth of truth of the Word of God.
As a christian if you have no Jewish or Hebrew roots, what vine are you grafted into?
Mary was jewish, therfore Jesus was Jewish, even though he was concieved by the holy spirit. Lineage is often through the maternal line not the paternal.

We have lost it!

A real revelation on how far "Christianity" has come from its original form of the Hebrew way. We have certainly lost track of how we are supposed to be doing things. Another good book I've read in a similar vein is "Fossilized Customs" by Lew White. We must get back to our Hebrew roots. They are not legalistic but doing what God commanded.



An important book .

Well done , Steve .

I've only looked through my copy briefly so far as I intend to take it on holiday with me , later in the year .

All good christian books are in effect so , because they draw us back to how the Bible says church should be . Traditions build up very quick and need to be washed away like dirt , regularly . If they are not , like the traditions of the pharisees they can oppose the true Gospel . Lets look at the traditions in our churches and in our lives and clear out the rubbish . Oh , and buy the book , we need to support genuine christian teaching .

- The Decorator !

An important book

So right - it is a book for all who claim the Christian faith - and those who don't but, often quite justifiably, look with scorn at 'the church'. We have not always been good representatives for Christ - and don't forget the rubbish inside ourselves that needs a real turn out. Repentence all round I think, unconverted Jew and Gentile alike so that God's true church really is in unison under the headship of Our Lord who is The Way, the Truth and The Life. Enid.