Christmas - Bah humbug or rather marvellous?

Christmas special (DECEMBER 2009)

(65 minutes)
No holds barred in this meandering chat about Christmas, covering the good, the bad and the Stollen, but finished off (the Stollen, too!) on a positive note by Louie.

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The discussion is trying to

The discussion is trying to justify celebrating this festival........ The Lord's disciples never did this. Why? The children of Isreal were actually commanded not to absorb paganism into their faith and religion.
God punished them over and over again for such sin.
This is the winter solstice festival of sol invictus, or saturnallius in Rome, with extra bits from Scandinavian myths.
Christians are doing precisely what the Children of Israel did when they departed from God. It would be better to reject it altogether and it may (hopefully) die out!
Do you really think we should be mixing Christian worship with paganism? I certainly don't. In any case we are teaching lies to our children (i.e. Santa Claus) we ought to be bringing them up in true and not errors. We so easily follow the world and become filled with lust, over eating and wasting our time, money and energy on things of the world. We should spend our time in serving God not ourselves or our lusts. We ought to be bond slaves to God and not Satan!

Christmas in America

Loved the Christmas program, and not just the 'quaint' British (and German) accents. Steve Spillman was listening - and all the way through!

As we deal with the non-Christian tradition of Christmas we need a focus on the Christian message each of us can carry through the holiday. We're the best Christmas lights.

One of your many fans in the US