The Healing Business

Healing special (NOVEMBER 2009)

(42 minutes)
Another healing ministry hits town with all the usual baggage. We help to unpack this baggage and rummage through the dirty washing, followed by a wider chat on miracle healings and what is God up to here?

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Comments :

Same old Same old

So the next one appears on the scene, new face, same old tricks, same old devil. I want to encourage those of you are standing up for the truth of Gods word. Todd Bentley was the last straw for me. I oppossed the promotion of him in my church privately to the pastor and some leaders, who threatened, berated and generally tried every trick in the book to shut me up. That in its self was enough to tell me this was no move of God but had its roots somewhere else. I left that church before I was kicked out with my wife and children. I had been there nearly 18 years. I was baptised, married and preached my sons funeral there. Don't stay for reasons of emotional attachment and historicaly good church leadership. Those who want this crazy Bentley/Herzog etc stuff, cannot be reasoned with or faced up with scripture. They are deceived and like it that way. They can no longer discern truth. Weep my friends for many will be lost, those you once called friends and brothers and whom you shared fellowship with, may now attack you with surprising ferocity and deviousness. Speak boldly and truthfully when you can, but dont blame yourself for those you cant seem to get through to. Commit them to God, he will judge; pray for them that God may open their eyes, he is their only hope of rescue. Finally Pauls words are my best encouragement, "Be strong in the lord and in his mighty power. Put on the whole armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devils schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers and authorities, the powers of this dark world and spiritual wickedness in high places".
You can have truth without righteousness, but you can never have righteousness without truth.

We Only Have Ourselves To Blame!

Sadly, we have allowed the "anointed" few, some of whom may be motivated by money, to rise up and take centre stage in the work of Christian healing.

If we Christians were to take Jesus seriously, we would realise that we are all (like the 70/72) endowed with the ability to command healing in Jesus' name. You do not need a charismatic "gift of healing" to do the work of healing in Jesus' name. See this page, for example:

Fortunately, some Christians are beginning to realise this and take back the initiative on a local basis. Check out "Healing On The Streets" (HOTS) in towns and cities all over the UK.

The Anglican Rev Mike Endicott also has some free resources on this site (superb, and funny too!):

A superb book that will encourage you to embark on Christian healing yourself is "Christ The Healer" by F F Bosworth (make sure you buy the version with the black and yellow cover - ISBN 0800757394 as other versions are abbreivated and not so comprehensive)