If we may be so bold ... ?

Fundraising special (MAY 2009)

(18 minutes)
We have now been broadcasting for over a year and have not asked for a single bean from our regular listeners. Yes, the credit crunch is squeezing pockets, but you should use this season to pray and decide where God wants you to allocate your financial support. Please take 18 minutes of your time just to hear what we have to say (though all the meaty stuff is in the first 5 minutes, if you’re in a rush).

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Comments :

Green light.......

......from my side. It's a delight to listen to your conversations( the jokes, poems, and biblestuff).
Thank you for those good, biblical statements from Chris Hill about giving into ministries.
I'm praying for you, for a breaktrough, for finances,and protection.


Hi Do you mind if i add some


Do you mind if i add some thoughts?

Maybe i am being lazy or cautious but there is an implied PayPal link but i don't get to it to early on? Is this an error or do i need to proceed past putting my card details on the screen (why would i do this id i have a paypal account) ? I am sure even small donations are good..!?

I see, to have stopped getting saffron planet news letters/e-mails..is this a one off or a consequence of not achieving the level of support you hoped for..?

Hi, Thanks for the comment -


Thanks for the comment - PayPay is quite difficult to add to the account and we haven't quite managed it yet.

Saffron Planet is on hold at present, pending a meeting of the folk concerned. My current thoughts are that the Lord has put the project on hold. As soon as we sort ourselves out we'll get back in contact with folk.



Green light

And all God's people say : 'Amen'. Enid