Saffron Planet Show - Programme 4

The Saffron Planet Show // October

In this fourth episode of the Saffron Planet Show, we ask a very difficult question about Hitler and the Jews, we chat about life accomplishments and what's the problem with men in Church? Release date: 26th October 2008 // 28 minutes

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Reaching the Youth of Today!

Youth Special ** NEW ** (OCTOBER 2008)

(62 minutes)

Sparked off by a remarkable testimony of knife crime, this lively discussion is an extraordinarily powerful analysis of what makes young people tick and why the Church is not connecting with them. Ordinary people spanning three generations get to the heart of the problem with some intriguing possibilities offered from the streets of Poland. How can ordinary Christians make a difference?
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Florida Outpouring - R.I.P.?

The Florida Outpouring - THE EPITAPH ** NEW ** (SEPTEMBER 2008)

(46 minutes)

What is the aftermath of the fall of Todd Bentley to the Christian world? What are the responsibilities of those prophets, apostles and leaders who actively promoted him? What should we Christians have learnt from the whole episode?

As usual, expect a lively, controversial, but incisive discussion from our team and our special guest, a Biblical scholar of many years standing (though mostly sitting!).

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Issue#24 : May 30th 2011


Us lot at Saffron Planet ( are very excited by our new initiative - the FOUNDATIONS WEEKEND.

Here's the blurb:

There’s a lot of strange ideas and doctrines floating around in the Church today. They seem to offer something fresh and new, but are usually just a re-hash of something old, discredited and dangerous. The question that all concerned Christians should ask is, how do we know what is true and false any more? How can the Church be equipped for discernment when there is so much confusion around?

Getting Back to Basics

Biblical Church special - Part 1 (FEBRUARY 2011)

(32 minutes)
This is the first part of a long discussion on Biblical Church. The team is joined by Beresford Job, a world authority on such stuff and, in this section we see what the original Church was like and what went wrong. How did they meet and how were they organised? We then get to the BIG one - are many of our current churches unbiblical and, if so, why ...?

Issua#23 : February 13th 2011


We have just had an extensive session on "Biblical Church", featuring as guest the world-renowned teacher, Beresford Job, who has been speaking on these issues for around 30 years.

We are chopping the 2.5 hour session into 4 parts and the first has just been added to

In this section we see what the original Church was like and what went wrong. How did they meet and how were they organised? We then get to the BIG one - are many of our current churches unbiblical and, if so, why ...?

Hugely controversial and rivetting stuff, if I say so myself!

Issue #22 : December 11th 2010


Just a quick note to say we've uploaded out latest talk - this one is on God Himself and goes on a meandering journey to a lot of places. It's at the top of the home page at

Next week we're having another recording session with the usual gang, but with special guest Beresford Job, tireless campaigner for the "Biblical Church". It should be a very interesting session, please pray for us.



The Life : Introduction

The Life special (NOVEMBER 2010)

(8 minutes)
A short introduction to the major series, launched next week, The Life, discussing how we can return to the Hebraic mindset of Jesus and the early Church. This material will also feature in the third and final book in Steve's trilogy on the subject ... (For more information, go to

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Issue #21 : November 16th 2010


Yes we're back - sorry about the long gap (or perhaps you're relieved?), but, due to Louie's brief exile to Israel, we had been short on personnel and so things died down a bit.

The first release is a 30 minute "catch up", where Louie tells us what drew him to work in Israel and how he found himself back home after 10 weeks or so. We also cover the issues of family relationships and how we should really read the Bible. It's on

The Team returns ...

Catch up special (NOVEMBER 2010)

(30 minutes)
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Saffron Planet team return after a long summer slumber. We start with Louie's Israel advernture, leading into discussions on family relationships, Christian reading habits and how Scripture should be "chewed over".

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Has Healing been Hijacked?

Word of Faith special (APRIL 2010)

(37 minutes)
In this final part of our look at the Faith and Prosperity teachers, we are joined by Justin Peters and Chris Hill as we ask the following questions: How can Biblical Christians reclaim what has been corrupted by the "false healers"? Does God still heal today? Is it always God's will for us to be physically healed?

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Issue #20 : March 12th 2010


Still churning out material from our Justin Peters session. Part 2 of our audio stream is now available at - this is less about naming names and more about looking at the whole shebang with the eyes of real faith.

Going Deeper into the Shallows

Word of Faith special (MARCH 2010)

(38 minutes)
In this second part of three on the Faith and Prosperity teachers, we are joined by Justin Peters and Chris Hill as we delve into the deeper implications of the Word of Faith movement, with some practical solutions ...

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Issue #19: February 26th 2010

Hi there!

We had a fantastic session last Sunday, with our special guest Justin Peters (, perhaps the World's foremost authority on the Prosperity teachers and the Word of Faith movement.

We taped and video-ed the sessions and have uploaded the first of our three part audio seesion, where we name and shame the false teachers out there, according to Justin, with some surprises ...

You'll find it at

Christmas - Bah humbug or rather marvellous?

Christmas special (DECEMBER 2009)

(65 minutes)
No holds barred in this meandering chat about Christmas, covering the good, the bad and the Stollen, but finished off (the Stollen, too!) on a positive note by Louie.

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