Name it ... and blame them!

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Name it...(false leaders in Christian churches)

Justin Peters says it well, I have been aware of the rise and rise of false prophets, preachers & teachers for the last two decades. I am sure that more will be added before the Return of our Lord who clearly warned us of Satan's attack on the church in the end times. Few seem to be aware and precious few get even the slightest bit indignant about it, repeating the rather dangerous mantra, 'well, we're all saved aren't we, what is there to bother about!' Nothing at all - IF you were saved on a certain day in the past & the Alpha course is bringing thousands into the Kingdom of God on a regular 'guaranteed' basis. BUT - if our Day of Salvation in Christ is in the future - there is a lot to be concerned about. Any comments please? Final point - about 30 years ago I received the Baptism of (the) Holy Spirit by impartation - I wonder how many viewers might 'shudder' at that statement? One of my gifts is 'discernment' - every Believer needs this gift at least to get through the onset of testing times ahead. Sadly Justin is a cessationist and there are perhaps more reasons than one for this. I believe that every gift is for today - and even if they appear to be abused, as Paul says in his letter to the Corinthians,well, better this that the light of true gifts can then be best measured - than a total cessationist point of view, which incidentally I fully respect by way of a choice to be made.

Enjoyed this discussion

Enjoyed this discussion enormously - good to hear true discernment of this problem being broadcast in such an honest and good humoured way. Well done, Steve, for getting Justin Peters to the talk - and all strength to his arm on his travels in shining a light on this rather murky subject !!! True, America has sent us some very dubious teachers, but Praise the Lord, USA has produced some excellent ones as well !
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Hopefully Saffron will nail

Hopefully Saffron will nail the Emergent Church and 'The Shack' next!