Who chooses who?

Predestination special ** NEW ** (APRIL 2009)

(62 minutes)
We tackle head-on the big topic of predestination vs free will. Ordinary people with very real concerns discuss the issues debated endlessly by the Calvinists and Arminianists. Does God just have foreknowledge of who's going to heaven or is it all carved in stone? How do these issues affect our evangelism? Once saved always saved or lose it if you abuse it? Turn on your brains and join us in this lively chat. Listen now | Download

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Chosen individuals vs a chosen people

Whilst listening to your discussion I would like to invite your listeners to consider this perspective opened up on the Faith Defenders forum:

Visit the forum thread here.

God bless,


Hi Guys!

Hi Steve and friends,

I am so looking forward to hearing this message, and in fact am listening as I write this comment. Nearly fell off my chair when I heard my own name mentioned!...LOL.

More seriously though, I'm another as Steve who finds the whole thing of 'labels' as being a little foreign, so I'm happy to find out more. So far I have to admit most people who I am inspired by lately probably would be labelled as Calvinist or Reformers. Does that make me one? I'm not sure, but I don't care what people label me, as long as the Lord considers me someone who pursues His Kingdom and His Righteousness.

God bless you guys, and keep up the good work. You're an inspiration.

John Dunning