Angels dancing on our heads?

Angels special ** NEW ** (SEPTEMBER 2008)

(25 minutes)

Angels - who are they? Why do they come? Are they always what they seem? Can angels just hang out with us?

Explore these questions with us as the team think out loud, argue, ponder and delve as deep as they can manage.

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Might I suggest - as an opinion only - that Angelic beings are totally irrelevant to our Salvation Justification, Sanctification et al ~ we have the Logos and need nothing more. In my observations, angelic visitations are more often than not the harbinger of false gnosis (viz. cult and contemporary religions ) and as such can be claimed by any one who so chooses (Benny & Todd for a start) Could I say 'no you didn't? - you were in a self induced trance or even under drugs or drunk? Of course I cannot, so what's to stop me saying my angel Charlie visited me the other day and said, 'start a new endtime religion and I will tell you how to go about it!' No brothers and sisters we do not need them - what impartation of divine knowledge I greatly value is found in the book of Revelation. Yes,I know ~ angels (as divine mouthpieces) spoke to the Prophets of old, but needful today? I don't believe so, in fact are they not more likely to be demonic spirits dressed up as angels of light?


Read Hebrews 1:14


I belive in angels. somthing in inside me what to belive.i think some people may seen angels.i wish i cound see one.


The Angel of the Lord worked around the clock
you could hear an hallelujah everyime he stopped
he was counting out the weeks and the months and years
together with the laughter andall the tears
in the twinkle of an angels eye
a thousand years went rolling by!


I really think you are a nuisance. In the New Testament did'nt an Angel save Peter whilst in jail? if you are truely a christian why would you go about bad-mouthing fellow christian brothers? pls try to remove the log in your eyes before pointing at the speck in other people's eyes. Enough of the criticism.

Guardian Angels

You mentioned these Guardian ANgels for kiddies, but didn't give the verse. Can anyone help here? Theo


Matthew 18:10

are angels for real???

I beleive and know they are for real. If for no other reason than our disabled daughter has seen them at various times, she has special spiritual gifts and has seen her grandmother at the top of the stairs in her home, just shortly after gran had died. I for one had an angel intervene and stopped us from having a serious motoring accident whilst I was towing our caravan on a motorway, by giving a full set of instruction in my head with which I followed and brought our car under control.

do we have to see an angel in order to believe. We cannot see Radio Waves, yet we know they are all around us, don't we. Yet because we think of angels we automatically think of religion, what stupidty!!!!!

I like to believe angels are real

You are right endeed! I myself is trying to find out the name of my angel.I had so many prayers that has been answered so I believe Someone is listening outhere. It is just nice to think, even thou alone, someone there somewhere is with you. Luna


sori bout ur daughter but atleast u no sum1
else is lookin after her, sori dnt wanno b a d**k js sayin she might nt have a gift js that there showin there selves coz there lookin after her if i p***ED u of then sorri pal js though id have my say and pal that was ur guardian angle im 20 an nt a chav like most peace xx