Marriage Special

Whom therefore God hath joined together ...

(46 minutes) 9th September 2008

In this passionate, lively and eye-opening discussion we will discover why Christian marriage is at the frontline of the greatest battle of all. Covering thorny subjects of adultery, divorce, forgiveness and vows, no stone is left unturned and some great advice is given by some mature believers who have seen it all and have much to say.

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divorce and re-marriage

The discussion participant who claimed that re-marriage of divorced people was always wrong is being totally unscriptural. Divorce is allowed in the case of unfaithfulness - ie adultery- and the innocent party is clearly free to re-marry. It is nonsense to suggest that an abused woman with an adulterous husband has to suffer loneliness- possibly childlessness- for the rest of her life - and be punished for another person's sins. The same is true in the case of a man whose wife has entered into an affair. For example, had Urriah the Hittite lived he would have been perfectly justified in divorcing his wife for having committed adultery with David. He would also have been free to remarry. Similarly IF Joseph had committed adultery with Potiphar's wife, Potiphar would have been an innocent party and would not have had to suffer for his wife's sin. The testimony of the other couples in the group fortunately made the biblical position clear. Also, beware of those- like this gentleman- who would have you believe that God spoke to them personally- and apparently audibly. Man speaking to God = normal. Claims made men of God speaking to them = very suspect.


Good to hear this. Married Christians are greatly priviledged to have someone to share their lives and to be open and frank with each other, with the encouragement to grow ever closer to Jesus. There are some of us who do not have that priviledge.
God bless all of you. D

Most moving

Thanks for that, Saffron. Must have been difficult for those folk to share stuff that was evidently deeply personal