Roots, Schmoots!

Jewish Roots Special (OCTOBER 2009)


In this wide ranging chat our team, a mish-mash of Jews and Gentiles, consider what happens when a Jew discovers Jesus and when a Gentile discovers the Jewish roots of their faith.

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Table Discussion Jewish Roots

I listened with interest to your 43 minute discussion concerning Jewish roots, the Biblical feasts, and while you present some interesting ideas to consider, there is a lot of interrupting, and people talking over each other that is rather distracting from the discussion as a whole.
You would serve yourself and the listener well by staying with one or two thoughts and talk to that one at a time. I hope you will visit this issue of believers choosing to observe the "appointed times" as the conventional church dismisses these altogether. Thanks, and
I will listen to more of these discussions when time permits.
Meantime please work at taking turns to share thoughts and ideas, which will only enhance the purpose.
David Russell

Table discussion with Jewish roots

I fully concur with David Russell. Such 'comical' asides which cannot be heard by the listener do nothing to add to the discussion and merely distract from the matter discussed. I wonder why the person does this presuming it is the same person?
Is he, it appears to be a he, embarrassed at the way things are going and seeks to interupt the way things are going or is he playing the Devil's advocate?
Either way it is disturbing and irritating and only detracts from the intended message!
Gerald Freeland

Table discussion with Jewish roots

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Dear David, I completely disagree, there is not much better way
of interacting as "Jewis banter"- everyone getting excited, ocassionally carried away, competing with is makes the programme authentic..these guys have so catchy n laid back London style in their broadcasting...let them be praised for keeping it as it is, they could advertise bit more about this great resource and ideas discussed about..
Aki aka Scandopunk