Hashkama : A New Beginning

A few years have passed since I wrote the first Hashkama article.  At that time I was thinking of retiring and producing an article maybe two or three times a year.  I needed to give this little new project a title and a friend in Israel suggested the Hebrew word Hashkama.  It means Wake Up!  It was appropriate for what I had in mind.

It was about that time that Steve Maltz asked to meet with me, and he suggested that I think about writing a weekly column for Kesherweb.  I agreed to give it a go, and the rest, as they say, is history.


As things seem to get worse and scarier in the Middle east have you ever thought about the intense pressures on Pastors from Israel and the surrounding countries?
RAPHACARE is an initiative that hopes to offer them free holidays in quality European, Christian- run hotels,guest houses, self caterers and b&b's

Yeshua Explored - 19th November 2015

What’s different about us?

Let me tell you about one of the saddest things I’ve witnessed in my Christian life. It was a Sunday morning TV studio discussion on BBC1 and the subject was the very emotive Creation vs. Evolution debate. As is usual with such discussions, the audience were generally more insightful and Biblically astute than the invited “experts”, but one exchange lives long in my memory. A very prominent Anglican had just been confronted at length by a creationist, who was asking him why he seemed to over-sympathise with the position of the non-Christian evolutionists. The Anglican then turned to his chief protagonist in the debate, a hardened atheist scientist, and said something like this; I feel a greater kindred spirit with you than the creationist over there