Evolution Myth Explodes

Darwin's Dangerous Legacy ** NEW ** (FEBRUARY 2009)

Creationism may be a term of derision, even among many Christians, but do these Christians really understand its implications?

We challenge you to listen to our talks with John Mackay, one of the World's leading Creationists and make your own mind up. In this special feature for 'Darwin Day' we also feature a challenging article by Steve Maltz and a timely song recorded on this topic by Howard Werth, a rock icon from the 70s.

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A Challenge for Every Christian

Darwin’s dangerous legacy

By Steve Maltz

Just over two thousand years ago, in the womb of an unmarried Jewish girl, a life was created through the fertilisation of her egg by a non-human entity called the Holy Spirit. The correct chemicals were created out of nothing, as was the genetic information to ensure that the resultant human being was going to be very special indeed. Around thirty years later this same human being, Jesus, having been dead for three days, his body marked by the most horrific and disfiguring injuries, brought about by scourging and crucifixion, was brought back to life, his body healed so that he could walk, talk and eat broiled fish.

Of course you believe this, it is what marks you as a Christian. Without the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus, in the words of Paul, our preaching is useless and so is our faith. For Christians, God gives us the gift of faith to believe these miracles. Then there are other miracles. Did the red sea part for Moses? Did the sun really stand still for a day for Joshua? Did the water turn into wine? Science tells us that all of these are impossible acts, the Bible tells us that these are miracles. Where you stand on these issues is determined by where you stand in your faith. Has God given you faith to believe that pure water can be transformed at Jesus’ command into a complex but tasty smorgasbord of organic chemicals or that he could take a handful of loaves and fish and feed the equivalent of a small football crowd? God is a God of miracles, which puts Him on a collision course with those who cannot or will not admit to such possibilities. But where do you stand? Do you really believe all of those stories in the Bible where God seems to act in a way that is contrary to our rational minds?

Around a hundred and fifty years ago many Christians were beginning to falter in their faith. They still believed in the Resurrection, the minimum requirement for Christian belief, but the World had already entered the “age of Enlightenment”, when human reason took over from divine revelation as the dominant force in society. Human reason, rationalism, was the response to the dogmas of the Church and the pointless religious wars of recent years and Science took a firm foothold on the minds of the great thinkers of the day. God was relegated from an active role in the affairs of man, to the one who kick-started the Universe then left it alone. Nothing was considered exempt from this process and the Bible found itself re-examined, God’s written revelation was subjected to analysis by the human mind. It was called Higher Criticism. In the first edition (1771) of Encyclopedia Britannica, the entry for Noah’s Ark included much musing over the finer details of the Biblical account of the flood. In the ninth edition (1875) these had disappeared, no longer considered worthy of inclusion, the account having moved from Biblical account to mythology. That was the fruit of Higher Criticism.

It was within these changing times that a man appeared on a white charger as an embodiment of this new thinking. Charles Darwin was that man and his book, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” proved a rallying point for rationalists, intellectuals and even many Christians to declare the victory of the mind over the spirit, of naturalism over supernaturalism. What did Darwin do? He must have been significant because even now, 150 years later, we are celebrating “Darwin Day”, our Natural History Museum is a shrine to the man and the BBC is churning out hours of radio and TV dedicated to his ideas.

What Darwin did was to provide a scientific methodology to disengage mankind from the influence of the Bible. What had been considered as certainties could now be dismissed as myths, legends or poetry as discoveries and theories, interpreted by the rational mind of the scientist, began to take centre stage. The clincher came a few decades later at the infamous Scopes “monkey” trial, when a clever prosecutor managed to ridicule the ill-prepared Baptist minister and the theory of evolution firmly cemented itself in the Christian psyche as the most reasonable explanation for life on Earth. For Creationism, the prevalent view before Darwin, it was a long slippery path, certainly in the UK, into ridicule, denigration and bitterness. Creationists are now portrayed as simple-minded innocents at best or contemptible liars at worst. How could it have come to this, how can Christians fall out so spectacularly?

If you took a straw poll of any group of British Christians and asked them their views on this issue, the vast majority would say something like this: I believe in the Bible and that God created life on Earth, but we surely need to marry this up with the overwhelming scientific evidence of the evolutionary process. This is a reasonable view, after all. But, then we must ask ourselves whether, as Christians, we are governed by “reasonable” views … or Biblical revelation. In our scientific age, with our secular educations and fed by our humanistic media, it is safest to take refuge in a majority view, held by those we have grown to respect, from David Attenborough to Auntie Beeb. Clever people have assured us that evolution is a done deal, the answer to everything. That is why there is a Darwin Day this year. Inasmuch as the human heart requires explanations of the World in which we live, the theory of evolution is the closest we have come to a secular religion. Darwin is the secular messiah and Dawkins and his ilk are his prophets. This is what you have bought into.

The trouble is that evolution as an explanation of the origin of life on Earth is inconsistent with a Biblical world view and any attempt to shoe-horn it into Holy Scripture is a fudge and a compromise. To illustrate this, I ask just one question. Did Adam and Eve actually exist? The apostle Paul certainly thought so.

So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being"; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit. (1 Corinthians 15:45)

And so did Jesus.

But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female’ (Mark 10:6)

But what about you? What do you think? Can the Bible be trusted in every way, or do we just pick and choose what to believe in, swayed by the prejudices and cleverness of others. The Bible genealogies suggest that Adam’s grandson was a contemporary of Noah. So if Adam was not flesh and blood, then what about Noah, was he a legendary figure and the Flood just a myth or an allegory? Noah’s own son, Shem, lived at the time of Abraham, the father of our faith, so could they have actually met? Or is Abraham just another legend, in which case who exactly decides when fables give way to actual history? Or, putting it another way, when does that great gallery of faithful ones in Hebrews 11 switch from fiction to fact? And if Abraham’s existence is questionable, then that takes us into very dangerous waters indeed. If the foundations of your faith are shaky then on what basis are you secure in your salvation?

Our Christian faith depends on the fact that Adam was flesh and blood. A real man had to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and bring about that curse on mankind known as the Fall, the falling away from God and the need for redemption, bought for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Adam sinned and, as the Bible tells us, death came into the World.

Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned (Romans 5:12)

If death came into the world through Adam and Eve, then what about the dinosaurs, crocodiles and mammoths that supposedly pre-dated them in the billions of years since the first cell was created by some chemical accident? How do you explain their deaths if death hadn’t yet entered the World? How do you explain the cancers and other diseases that these animals suffered, if the Fall hadn’t yet occurred? There are a lot of questions that need to be asked. Scenarios have been put forwards by Christians attempting to marry evolutionary theory with Scripture. Some put the millions of years required by the theory of evolution in between the first two days of Creation, others put them later in Creation week. They say they are being consistent with Scripture, but they still fail to explain how death had crept in before the Fall. Still others accept the full secular deal and concede a full animal ancestry! To these people we need ask, what is your starting point, the Bible or Science?

If Science is our starting point we are saying that our frame of reference is the constantly developing world of the scientist, the world of reason. If the Bible is our starting point, then it is the unchanging Word of God, the source of revelation. When these two Worlds seem to clash, as Christians we either stand or fall by the Word of God, without compromise, even if we are vilified by others, even brothers and sisters in Christ!

Six days, six days, I ask you! From billions of years to six days! You’re asking too much of me! Yes, it seems unreasonable, of course it does. Yet many scientists, proper scientists with qualifications and academic success are Creationists and have provided reasonable alternatives for their beliefs that don’t compromise the Word of God. But the virgin birth and the resurrection are unreasonable too, yet we accept them as truth. How big is your God? Do you struggle to fit Him into the box marked “miracles of Jesus”? If you can live with this then just consider Jesus’ other miracles. The reason why Jesus himself believed in a six day creation was because he was the one who did the creating! He was around at that time. Were Dawkins or Darwin around too? So who better to believe, an active eyewitness or an atheist postulator of theories?

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:15-17)

Make no mistake, evolution is the religion of our age and it serves a jealous god that is most definitely not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It not only tells us that life came about through blind chance and that we are descended from apes, but it has insinuated itself into our consciousness, through our educational, legal, communication and – sad to say - ecclesiastical systems. It tells us that as life itself was a random chance, then our lives are random too. It has no room for absolutes, governed only by its rule of survival of the fittest. It makes abortion and euthanasia acceptable and finds its perfect expression in totalitarian regimes, like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, where individual freedoms are sacrificed for the good of the majority, because individual lives are considered worthless.

One parting thought. Charles Darwin was groomed by his father to be a clergyman and, in his own words, “did not then in the least doubt the strict and literal truth of every word in the Bible”. His life, of course, followed a very different path, one that destroyed that faith, to the extent that, in a letter to a correspondent shortly before his death, wrote “'I am sorry to have to inform you that I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, and therefore not in Jesus Christ as the Son of God'.

Darwin’s life work on formulating the theory of evolution was to lose him his faith in Father God. Don’t let it do the same for yours.

Comments :

'Creationists , I.D

'Creationists , I.D proponents and others who oppose the evolution myth do not use gaps as evidence '

In that case please tell me exactly what you ARE using as evidence to support ID.

And can you do this without relying on what can be termed as a 'deficiency' or 'gap' in the current understanding of natural selection and fossil sequences? Even better, can you do this without mentioning evolution at all (seeing as evolution has nothing to do with ID)?

I do wonder whether it is the

I do wonder whether it is the case that opponents of evolutionary theory will always refuse to accept that fossils could ever be transitional - no matter how well they fit a transitional model. The reasoning process of a Christian must surely compromise itself when rejecting a plausible model that contradicts its tenets. Therefore faith-driven science is limited in its capacity to contribute to a wholly rational investigation of human origin and history.
At the very least I would think that any scientific investigation worth following is one which doesn’t subsequently denounce its own conclusions in deference to a proposed omnipotent being of which it has no proof. And if God really does exist, and sends all evolutionists to hell when they die, the fact would remain that God still made evolution happen: the greater mystery would be why he would decide it such an abominable sin that mankind should adhere to a theory that accurately describes the processes of our existence and development.
Is he embarrassed about his modus operandi? Could it be that his Word did not accord with his action, and that he knew this but didn’t want us to know he wasn’t being entirely truthful with us all?

Is the sun hot ? Is rain wet

Is the sun hot ? Is rain wet ?

Yes , they are , it's observable and obvious . It is also observable and obvious that nothing comes from nothing . Bit of a problem for naturalism that .

The evolution myth offers no explanation for creation from nothing .

Time is running out , everyone alive today will soon pass away . The vast majority will be forgotten completely , perhaps just a recorded statistic of name , date of birth and death .

You can turn to Jesus or Dawkins , the choice is yours .

Is the bible man-made?

You say: "The evolution myth offers no explanation for creation from nothing". Evolution doesn't deal with the creation of life, only the process of changing to adapt to the environment of the time. Some other scientific theory will eventually arise to explain the actual creation of replicating mechanisms. Give me Dawkins any day - at least he exists! SB.

Some other scientific theory

Some other scientific theory will eventually arise to explain the actual creation....

No it won't .

Dawkins won't exist much longer , nor will any of us but God is eternal .
Why do Dawkin's followers so embrace meaningless and hopelessness .
There is so much more .

Opposing views to evolution

Opposing views to evolution are equally science . I'm always surprised that people think of the fossil record as proof for evolution : loads and loads of fossils of creatures not in the process of transition and a tiny few where people try to make claims that they are . Another factor is the DNA CODE , the only code which people claim arose by chance , a code of incredible complexity , no-one can give an explanation of how the first self-replicating cell came about , where the information comes from or even the increase of information to cause evolution . Positive mutation is the only attempt at an explanation given , despite the fact that even this is a decrease in information ! The probabilities are against naturalism , even if I was n't a christian I'd struggle to accept it . A good book on the subject is 'God's Undertaker' by John Lennox of Oxford University .

With regard to how would christianity fare in the face of compelling evidence , well there is no point in believing something you know is n't true , but at the same time nothing makes me think the Gospel message is untrue .

'no-one can give an

'no-one can give an explanation of how the first self-replicating cell came about'

This fact doesn't prove God exists. Using absence of explanation as proof of God's existence has become as tiresome an enterprise as positing his evidential absence as proof that he DOESN'T exist. Somebody please develop a theory of God that isn't based upon what ISN'T there to see!

Bible Prophecy . Proof that

Bible Prophecy . Proof that God exists and that he has revealed himself in the Bible . Before you dismiss it , people spend their lives studying it , Isaac Newton realised it's importance and he was no fool .

Daniel chapter nine alone should keep you busy . It even dated the coming of christ hundreds of years before it's occurrence . (The seventy weeks are weeks of years )

If you are a seeker then seek , if you're not then this site has no value for you .


Just curious...how do you know that you are not brainwashed? Do brainwashed people know that they are brainwashed? (For example, do religious extremists know that they are brainwashed?) You state that you came to a "rational decision that the bible was correct". I'm assuming this began with you looking into the editing and initial publication of the bible: why certain texts were included and other excluded, etc. I would be interesting in hearing exactly what made you believe the book entirely. Also, how many other religions did you investigate before deciding upon Christianity? Many individuals in the world do not have the capability of critical thought, and they mindlessly follow the same faith of their parents or guardians. By the way, of what faith were your parents? Thank you for the insight.


Thank you guest for your question. Mum was a Christian but she never explained the Gospel to me. I think that was because in the 1950's everyone in the UK held to a nominal type of Christianity. Dad was a Freemason, but died when I was 4yrs old. Mum said he was a Christian, but I now know about Free Masonry and how its curses fall on the offspring, but God has dealt with that.
I was a nominal Christian until I went to university and then decided that the world could be explained by evolution and science and God was a man made construct. In my mid 30's I began to explore spirituality in general and became interested in occultic things. I was fascinated by telepathy and astral projection. I spent some time trying to project myself, but it did not work for me. I looked superficially at various religions but never became a card carrying member of any. After 2 years of exploration something inside prompted me to seek Jesus. I read a book proving the truth of the Gospels using various types of criticism. That was it.
After I became born again more proofs of the Bible being the very Word of a Super Creator became clear to me. I went to a Ken Ham (well known creationist) conference which convinced me that Genesis Ch 1, 2 and 3 were literally true and evolution was a lie. I became interested in the debates concerning creationism. I read another book showing the design of "7's" repeated throughout the Old Testament discovered by a Mathematician and Hebrew scholar at the start of the 20th century. The more I looked I could see a great supernatural intelligence was behind the whole thing.
I am so pleased for people that just accept the Gospel message. I think God must have had a hard time with me as you can see, but never let me go.
I am a recently retired general practitioner, so although I am not of great intelligence, I was given a questioning mind, and an analytical mind. Brainwashed, I like to think not.


Paalleeezze! Peaceful - productive - coexistence????? Where does this exist? I am so very anxious to know. I have stayed in homes with people just like you and it was far from peaceful. The ones I have stayed with who claim they know Christ were very willing to live quietly and peaceably. hmmmm, something is rotten in Denmark - your opinion doesn't add up. I think you speak from something you know nothing about. Get the facts please - your ignorance is showing.

1. I'm not from a christian

1. I'm not from a christian family .
2. The idea that God is outdated is ridiculous , there are no natural explanations for our existence whatsoever . Nothing comes from nothing .
3. I totally agree with you about the catholic 'church'
4. Christianity is all over the world , for example the chinese church is massive both in number and percentage of population.
5. We in Europe are in the most Godless continent on earth so we are going against the brainwashing by holding to a belief in the creator .

Re : science , I'd recommend apologetics.com and the c.slewis society on itunes , very interesting stuff .

Evolution the atheist sacred cow

I totally agree Steve with your article . Most people who believe in evolution have never had the opportunity to hear the evidence against it . It's time for christians to get off the fence , or do we believe that Jesus was a highly evolved ape ?
It's ironic that the Natural History Museum is a shrine to the god Darwin as the evidence it offers to support his theory is pitiful .

- Graham , South Godstone

Missing the point?

Surley this is about faith. If you believe something why is it necessary to try to rubbish all evidence to the contrary?

Scientists don't spend their time deliberatly trying to disprove the validity of the bible or even Christian belief structures - like inteligent design - but simply form conclusions based on the available evidence.

Darwin was a devoted Christian, and believed in an Inteligent Creator, he waited for years to publish his work on evolution until he had checked and rechecked the evidence many times - because of his desire to be absolutely sure of his findings (which did not include any mention of man's origins - a conclusion arrived at by others later).

Using techniques to date the earth through the bible, or explaining the method of creation, misses the point of faith; of believing in something without requiring proof.

It should be entirely up to the individual to make up their own mind, according to their faith. Live and let live.

Darwin a "devoted Christian"?

Darwin was not a "devoted Christian". He held a Masters degree in Theology, but that is not the same thing. He even stated that he did not believe in scripture or in Jesus Christ.
If he waited to "be absolutely sure of his findings" he obviously didn't wait long enough. His famous Finches on the Gallapogos islands (the ones that he observed had become isolated on different islands with different environmental conditions and had therefore been observed to have evolved into different species) have later proved not to have evolved into different species at all. They can still interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Surely this would have been an easy experiment for Darwin to conduct, but he was obviously in a hurry to preach his alternative gospel.

Darwin, a devoted Christian?

Hardly, but Mrs Darwin was - poor lady - what a life she must have had !!
Those closest to us are always the ones to pay the price for our egotism and our sins.

Devoted christian?

But if you slip by the wayside you fall on stony ground
where it's hard to get to water and hard to put roots down!
I love this article and never have I seen the truth written in such a concise manner! The holy spirit moves and man is inspired! Those without are in a terribe dilema! Otherwise Jesus would not have said it is better for a man to lose his legs than to keep them and walk down the path to hell! This was an allegorical statement concerning the wearing of the shoes of the Gospel of peace! Without legs you cannot wear shoes can you? So then we are truly at God's mercy-a man in this situation can either fall into a bitter twisted downward spiral! Or he can be thankful unto God for that which he has! The road less travelled?

What the Lord said about legs

Cool it brother -- you're right on principle but I don't think Jesus actually said that. Pluck out your eye, check, cut off your hand, check -- nothing about legs that I know of. Such an error could be an occasion of stumbling to someone.
I repeat, the principle you use it to illustrate is sound -- but not sound to put words into the Lord's mouth, lest you or someone else go astray!

Creationism, the indoctrinates cure all

When someone who has been brainwashed since birth and has had free thinking suppressed, they all tend to come out with the same old chestnut about being descended from apes!
Man is NOT descended from apes, never been claimed, it never was!
However, we do share a common ancestor hence the 97% sharing of our DNA (or is DNA another atheist trick!) and the marked similarities.

Common ancestory or common design

So sharing 97% of our DNA with chimps proves a common ancestor does it? More up to date work with the genomes of man and chimp caused a revision of this figure to 93% but so what. Also we share 40% or so of our genes with mushrooms. This should not surprise us at all since all life shares many features such as energy production. The remarkable discovery of ATPase said to be an essential enzyme at the front line of energy production, is actually a beautifully designed nano motor. All the mechanisms of cell division seem to be common to all life. Why change the design if it work perfectly.

Sharing genes only proves one thing; we share our genes. I see that you have been brainwashed (your word) into interrupting the fact as though this proves common ancestry. The facts seem to be overwhelmingly best interrupted by intelligent design rather than evolution. The science stops when we name the designer. This is the issue that divides.

Who's brainwashed ?

Brainwashed from birth ? By who ? All creationists have been brought up on evolution , you can't even look at a £10 note without seeing Darwin !!!

The mainstream media is 100% evolutionist so actually its the free thinkers who question evolution . Most people who believe in evolution have never heard an argument against it .

Common ancestor OR common designer ? 3% DNA difference is a huge amount of information and where do you think that original information came from ? A very marked difference is that we can talk not to mention correspond on the internet .The transitional fossil evidence for evolution is incredibly poor when you consider how many fossils we have . Evolution : the fossil record does n't prove it , we see no evidence in the present (as Dawkins said) and as Steve Jones recently said we're not expecting to see human evolution in the future ....hardly impressive is it . Created Not evolved , the changes we see are within species NOT from one species to another . And one more thing , how about a documentary on TV by people who disagree with evolution or do we not have freedom of thought in the U.K anymore .

same old rubbish despite

same old rubbish despite creationists having tried repeatedly to undermine science they have yet to field any workable theory or evidence that invalidates evolution yet still they try to maintain the fiction that this is a 2 sided debate it isn't. Creationism by its very nature is not falsifiable therefore cannot be science. This is as it always has been an idiotic attempt by a fringe group to undermine science because they see it as a threat to religion which it isn't. Every attempt to "debunk" evolution by this group has failed dismally including the last ID attempt to get fundamentalist Christianity into US classrooms using the guise of science which was rejected in the US and should be anywhere this rubbish is pedalled. Science is the persuit of knowledge through constant testing and revision refining whats learned over and over. It has nothing to do with the existance or non existance of any God or Gods. Which is why many scientists have no issue being scientists and having faith. Try visiting a website for one of these groups and see how interested they are in honest debate

Where do I begin !!!!!!!!

Where do I begin !!!!!!!! There are loads of creationists who are more than happy to debate evolutionists . Evolution is not tried and tested fact no matter how much you insist . No-one argues with the Law of Gravity because it is fact , evolution cannot be compared to observable testable science . Stop trying to brainwash people .

where do you end...

Evolution has evidence; Religion has none.


Where did we all begin ?

I have read all this stuff, I can only observe how sad it is that Adam and Eve were disobedient in eating from the tree of knowledge in the first place. We have done little but eat from it ever since. Libraries are full of books, brains full of facts and figures, TV giving us panels of 'experts' , weapons of destruction become more sophisticated and capable of complete annihilation, men and women feeling they have to undergo anything to keep up with the Hollywood idea of beauty, and our little ones knowing little of the innocence of childhood through 'education', 'education', education - - but hearts full of love ???? No wonder we are in danger of reaping the very real wrath of God whose Son was crucified for showing us what love really is. (Enid)

adam and eve - you must be joking

What are you on about? You actually believe that adam and eve existed and ate from the tree of knowledge? Wow - that's impressive gullibility. Personally, no way am I getting wrathed because of two fictitious characters from an ancient folk story.

“Weapons of destruction become more sophisticated” but biblical destruction is pretty impressive as well - with the jews massacring all around them in your gods’ name.

Why would a loving, caring god, “whose Son was crucified for showing us what love really is”, vent his wrath? Not very big of him is it. Surely it's his fault we are like this anyway; what a pathetic job it did creating humans when its first batch was so useless.

Have you ever read the bible? Not just the mushy bits, I mean all the gory drivel. I can’t cope with too much of it: killing of children, raping of women, mass murder, genocide, stoning, mutilation – all in gods name. If you have, comments please…


response to SB 'adam and eve - you must be joking'

Yes, I do read the Bible, thank you - Old Testament and New . Jesus Christ came because of the failings of 'the first batch' (horrible expression but I quote you) - mankind was not able to keep the 10 Commandments, so Christ came not to do away with the Law, but to fulfil it and show us the way to Life. It is not an easy Way - far from it and certainly not 'mushy' - although much of the church today has reduced Christianity to a kind of soft social club. It is a Way that I personally have chosen, at the same time as respecting your own right to refuse it. There is good and evil within all of us. We are not puppets, we choose the way we behave, every single one of us , every day of our lives- we choose whether to respond to each other in hatred or in respect, whether we agree with one another or not. On this Good Friday remembrance, I repeat the words of my Lord, 'Father forgive, they know not what they do'. I wish you well. Enid

Unfortunately, Enid, one of

Unfortunately, Enid, one of those books in the library is the Bible, and since its creation millions of people, across the world and over the centuries, have been mercilessly butchered in its name. There are other books in the library that are quite harmless, and they'll give you all the gory, historical details if you wish to understand the evil that men do.

Really ? 1. When have you or

Really ?

1. When have you or anyone you know been threatened by christians ?
2. Many of those butchered in Jesus name were the real christians
slaughtered by the 'religious political elite' , actually in the same way
Jesus was .

Its a complete non-argument . Human beings whether they call themselves christian , muslim , atheist whatever ...are all sinful and in need of the salvation that comes through Jesus . The New Testament was not the beginning of some golden period , Jesus warnes of great suffering . All but one of the disciples (not incl.Judas Iscariot) was martyred .

Why not highlight the real christians rather than the imposters ?

The golden age of the 'real'

The golden age of the 'real' christian is the real myth. This is one reason why so much blood has been shed in the name of the Bible and what it 'really' means. There has never been, throughout the whole of history, a person or authority (since Jesus of course) that could show the 'true' way to live as a christian - the perfect way to BE a christian. And this applies to other religions. Righteous anger enables a muslim to kill an 'infidel' without compunction. The same anger allows a christian to shoot dead a doctor who is known to perform abortions.
Biblical doctrine, in particular, both proscribes murder absolutely whilst simultaneously justifying it in what appear to be exceptional cases. There is simply no absolute interpretation of the Bible that could resolve this issue, and it is said to be the word of God. Christian righteous anger is incompatible with christian humility; how could God (and Jesus) allow a collection of contradictions to be promulgated in his name, and in his absence (in an empirically non-interventional way - faith being meaningful only through such absence), throughout human history? If I were God, I would have left nothing to misinterpretation.

For Starters

For starters, look for info on the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition; not forgetting the pogroms and massacres of innocent Jews throughout history. Oh, and then there's the Reformation, followed by the Counter-Reformation. Some of these millions living through the above periods were killed in the name of the Bible, in the name of the 'correct' interpretation of the Bible, and some were held directly responsible for the (unproven and uncorroborated) events described in the Bible. So much violence, so much blood.

Do you find christians

Do you find christians particularly violent ?

Do you find christians particularly violent ?

I know many christians and they are all non-violent, gentle people. My point was initially made out of annoyance at the naive book-bashing tone of the posting that began this sequence of responses. I wished to point out that the history of christianity is brutal and bloody, and that the existence and interpretation of the Bible itself contributed to this history.
This much is indeed true, but it was my primary intention to use this fact to counter an ill-informed argument. Naively linking the Fall with the gaining of empirical knowledge, as opposed to the knowledge of good and evil, promotes a fanatic demonisation of the faculties of intelligence and reason.
I feel no animosity towards Enid, but I felt I had to speak out.

How many more years will this

How many more years will this old complaint be trotted out, and constant finger pointing, before we all truly look for the lesson of the New Testament and something better within ourselves ? Enid.

So , true Enid .

So , true Enid .